Funny Bunny Members Terms

I DO NOT allow any shop use other than decorations
Failure to do any of the following will terminate your membership

I can and will change my terms.
I can and will refuse membership if I so choose to.
I retain ALL copyrights at all times.
I can remove anything I choose to remove from this site.
There are no refunds

Purchased items that I have bought for my members use are for Personal End use ONLY. (meaning they cannot be added to your shop or members area. YOU are the end user. They are for your use only.) Credit both the artist I purchased packs from AND Funny Bunny Pixels. If the artist site is no longer open, or on line, then only a link back to Funny Bunny Pixels is required.

My Lines… after you have colored and shaded the lines,(NO flood filling) your results may be added to your members area. (Your members are end users and may not add your results to their shops or members areas) My lines are NOT to be colored and packaged or added to packs for sale or free (You may not re-sell my lines- whether you have colored them or not- I still own my copyrights.)

CREDIT! CREDIT! CREDIT! Credit me for my work! Credit me for my lines! You may not edit my lines or create grey scales from your results.

NO AS IS USE NO SHOP USE Tubes…after you have created goodies from them,( ie siggies, stats, web sets, wp themes etc…) your results may be added to your members area. (your members are end users and may not add your results to their members area or shops. Siggies must have more than three combined graphics plus text) You cannot edit or recolor my tubes or create lines or greyscales from them. Membership tubes and lines from my memberships, from various sites, may NOT be shared in a members area or shop. YOU are the END user.

I do NOT allow social media usage any longer as it has been abused. My work is NOT public domain.

Please link your membership logo within 24 hours of my having sent it to you. You must protect my graphics from theft by installing the proper scripts on your site or a password protected members area. (I can and will be allowed access to your site, if I request it, however many times I feel the need to to check up on my graphics.) Do not share passwords or links to downloads. Do not share my tubes, lines, purchased or membership sets, in sharing groups or offer them for free or for sale. Nothing from this site maybe used in tutorials. Do not steal or copy graphics or ideas. If you are caught…and chances are good that you will be…the community is not very forgiving in this matter.